I’m Going Back to Work

I am so excited to announce that I am got a job and am going back to work!  

After I had my daughter, I left my marketing job behind to raise my kids, and I’ve long wanted to return to the working world. I want to be able to do something every day that is for me, where I get to show that I am good at something other than just being a mom.  

Now that our son is in the first grade, I started looking at jobs. It had to be the right job, with good benefits and a flexible schedule, so it took a few months, but eventually I found something. It’s a perfect fit and the work will be challenging and rewarding. I am so excited! 

I know that it will be hard to balance work and family, but I know so many great women who do it. Plus, my husband and I’ve talked about how he not only needs to help more around the house, but he has to pick up more of the emotional labor. It will be a challenge, but we are ready to take it on.  

I start next week, and I really can’t wait!